One of the Most Iconic Brands in Automotive History

Goodyear has been there since the very beginning.  In 1907, they provided OE tyres to Henry Ford for the Model T.  By 1916 they were the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, leading to the famous slogan - ‘More people ride on Goodyear tires than any other kind’.  Today, the famous Goodyear winged foot logo is famous all over the world, with levels of reach and recognition few brands ever achieve.


A History of Innovation

Few companies can lay claim to as many innovations and firsts as Goodyear.  They were the first to manufacture a detachable tyre (1906), the first to make a pneumatic tyre for airplanes (1909) and the first tyre brand to make it to the moon (1971).  Goodyear was also the first tyre manufacturer to reach 350 Formula One race wins, a just reward for a long and distinguished involvement with the sport and motor racing in general.  


A Goodyear for Every Driver, Every Day

Today, the team at Goodyear includes engineers and scientists working from 52 manufacturing facilities based in 22 countries.  Over 69,000 employees work to make the market leading tyres in every possible category.  There are Goodyear tyres for drivers who drive slow, fast or through mud.  There are OE options for most major manufacturers.  Goodyear continues to be globally recognised as a true tyre innovator and a brand drivers can trust, whatever and wherever they are driving.